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Food Trends 2018


Redesigning luxury

We consider gastronomy a tool for transformation and high impact on society.


We want to dignify the universal act of eating.


We design inspiring solutions for people.


It’s time to act together.


Consumer and lifestyle trends

We look for market trends and consumer lifestyle habits, to help organizations to define future strategies and product innovations.

New business models and strategy innovation

We design new business models and innovative brand strategies for food markets. We help your company build the future. We identify and develope opportunities to deliver tangible solutions to make your vision a reality and a successful venture. We encourage change where is most needed.

Food retail products

We start by creating an image of the future together with you. Then, using trends and understanding people’s needs and aspirations we develop radical ideas to design extraordinary products and service systems.

Food& Design masterclasses

DOT we are lectures of «Food & Design» subject at the Basque Culinary Center. We are commited to spread the New Era vision with future generations to make them aware of global challenges and invite them to be part of the change they want to create.

Lectures at Basque Culinary Center

Lectures at Basque Culinary Center

18 abril, 2017

18 abril, 2017

Cemosa Soul Eggbox

18 abril, 2017


18 abril, 2017

Makatzeta: Urban oasis in an legendary atmosphere

18 abril, 2017

Sturios: Redesigning luxury

18 abril, 2017

Pernod Ricard: Sangria

30 marzo, 2014

About Us

We have a very colorful set of skills: business innovation, product and service design, engineering, food & gastronomy design, environmental science, communication and media, social innovation, ethnography research, space design and much more.

DOT is a worker owned cooperative-business based in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. We also have an office in Donostia-San Sebastián and team members in Barcelona, Madrid and Shanghai.

We love to support organizations answer important questions about their future.

Food partners

You’ve probably noticed, we love what we do.

Whether you just want to give a shout out or are looking to start a project, feel free to email & we’ll quickly be in touch.

Welcome to the new era

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